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Förbeställ 70s mugg special

"We make your Christmas sparkle!

Due to the occasion we are all dressed up!

They made us especially for the holiday season of 2021. We are not for everybody, because our finish is very precious. This makes us true gems in the 70s ceramics range. Because of our exclusive character they turned us into a limited edition. Our party dresses are quite delicate and for this reason please rinse us by hand and with care. We don't do dishwashers and microwaves. Well, there is only one thing left to say...We will sparkle up your place!"

Förbeställ idag på

eller online hos HKliving för att säkerställa din order.

Förväntas komma in på lager i början på november.

Två olika muggar som är packade i en fin "gift box".

Artikelnummer: Sparkel: ACE7017 // Gem: ACE7099


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